Chandelier Cleaning, Restoration and Installation Services

We are experts in cleaning, restoring and installing chandeliers. We can work anywhere in the UK. With a minimum of disruption, our experienced teams of craftsmen will restore even the most delicate pieces to their former brilliance.

Installation & RemovalĀ 

V & A Chandeliers can install or remove your chandeliers on your behalf. This is recommended and often required when a property is undergoing renovation to avoid unintentional damage. We can also securely transport them to a new location if they need moving.

Prior to installing a new chandelier or when at a new location we will carry out a Load Test inspection. Once inspected we will inform you if any strengthening work is required and supply a quotation. Any strengthening work including reinforced steel plates or steel beams is carried out to ensure that the site meets the requirements for a safe suspension. Not all sites require this additional work.

On occasions it is necessary to install secondary safety cables at some locations. This will be advised and quoted if required.
You might wish to take the opportunity to have your chandelier cleaned or restored before it is installed.

We are also able to supply and install winching systems to your installations. Installing a winching system will make future maintenance and cleaning easier and safer to undertake, with the added benefit of not requiring ladders or expensive scaffolding.

V & A Chandeliers offer specialist bespoke chandelier cleaning services.

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Chandeliers always show their true beauty when attention and care is taken to recapture their former sparkle and shimmer.