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We are experts in cleaning, restoring and installing chandeliers. We can work anywhere in the UK. With a minimum of disruption, our experienced teams of craftsmen will restore even the most delicate pieces to their former brilliance.

Load Testing

Load Testing is an essential and integral part of our service offer, ensuring that the structure and fixing that you will be using to hang your chandelier from is up to the task and capable of supporting its weight, including the weight of the chandelier chain and other elements used in suspending the installation.

The location is inspected and we will inform you if any strengthening work is required and supply a quotation. Any strengthening including reinforced steel plates or steel beams is carried out to ensure that the site meets the requirements for a safe suspension. Not all sites require this additional work.

Our load testing equipment is purchased new and calibrated for certification for the use of testing every 6 months.

You will be presented with a certificate to confirm that the suspension fixings and cables meet with the requirement for your chandelier to be safely installed.

It is recommended that load testing should be carried out on an annual basis. We will keep records of your load testing, including a copy of the certificate and advise you when the time is suitable for a renewal inspection.

V & A Chandeliers offer specialist bespoke chandelier cleaning services.

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